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Amana focuses on making a big difference through little steps. Throughout the years, they’ve made incremental changes to their product lines based on careful consideration of consumer and environmental needs. These changes include energy- and resource-efficient models as well as more eco-friendly manufacturing techniques. They also like to provide more value to customers with all their home and kitchen appliances. For example, you can easily bake large dishes at precise temperatures using their wall ovens. They’re made with large interior dimensions, user-friendly features, and customizable heat power settings. With their washers, you get a large-load capacity for those overflowing laundry days as well as a Deep Water Wash option for those messy days. They also introduced a new dishwasher model with a heat-retaining stainless steel interior that’ll cut the time it takes to dry your dishes. What makes Amana stand out is their drive to give you the most bang for your buck so that you get the best features in your appliances at a lower price point.


When they do malfunction though, we’re here to help you extend their value. It’s the finer details like these that we care about in the home and kitchen appliances we repair. What’s more, our technicians know their components inside out so that the root cause of malfunctions can be quickly identified and fixed. If you need your Amana appliance repaired, call us now and we’ll be right on over! At Speedy Appliance Repair, you’ll get a commitment to excellence at fair prices – all within our wide GTA service area coverage.

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