Inglis Appliance Repair Toronto

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Inglis produces home appliances that are known to be durable and reliable for the last 150 years. Since they first popularized their wringer washer with Canadian households in 1946, they’ve stuck to the time-tested appliance features that are easy to maintain because of their simplicity. They’ve stayed true to their roots with hardworking appliances for hardworking families. Take their washer, for one: it’s a top-load – a classic – that gets every piece of clothing wrung at the bottom through the individually moving parts of the Dual Action Agitator. You’re bound to get thoroughly clean clothing with that kind of well thought out action. It’s complemented by a Deep Water Wash Option that fills the heavy-duty porcelain tub to the brim. Their dryer also holds its own with a Wrinkle Prevent Option so you can wear the clothes as soon as they’ve cooled off.


Reliable appliances call for reliable maintenance – and that’s what we offer. It’s the finer details like these that we care about in the home and kitchen appliances we repair. What’s more, our technicians know their components inside out so that the root cause of malfunctions can be quickly identified and fixed. If you need your Inglis appliance repaired, call us now and we’ll be right on over! At Speedy Appliance Repair, you’ll get a commitment to excellence at fair prices – all within our wide GTA service area coverage.