Whirlpool Appliance Repair Toronto

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Whirlpool is a forward-thinking home appliance brand with a goal of anticipating what you need. Using Intuitive Touch Controls, they take care of all the detailed settings in the background after you tell them what you want done. They’re also constantly improving on smarter and more eco-friendly ways to produce as well as run home appliances. Their dishwashers are designed to decrease the time you spend on dishes with features like a 1-hour wash cycle, cycle memory to store your last settings so you only have to press the start button, and the Target Clean Option to clean tough stains with 40 focused spray jets. As for cleaning the laundry, their washers’ Adaptive Wash Technology automatically adjusts water levels and cycles based on the type of clothes loaded.


You don’t even have to say it – we’re here to help when the time comes. It’s the finer details like these that we care about in the home and kitchen appliances we repair. What’s more, our technicians know their components inside out so that the root cause of malfunctions can be quickly identified and fixed. If you need your Whirlpool appliance repaired, call us now and we’ll be right on over! At Speedy Appliance Repair, you’ll get a commitment to excellence at fair prices – all within our wide GTA service area coverage.