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LG is the brand where you feel like the future is within your reach. The moment you set eyes on their appliances, you’ll know right away that this is the way to make high-tech stylish. LG’s ability to strike that balance between form and function is what makes their appliances fit in minimalist or modern styles. LG has a very innovative TWIN Wash washer system that allows you to clean two loads at the same time. One can be done in the front-load top compartment and the other in a smaller pull-out LG SideKick at the bottom. LG also boasts the largest electric oven capacities on their select models with technologies like True Convection and Infrared Grill that reaches maximum heat quicker. That means you can cook larger feasts in less time and have better control over the temperature levels. For those who often find themselves planning their meals with the refrigerator door wide open, LG offers a practical solution with their InstaView Door-in-Door design. Now you can check out what’s in the fridge through a tinted glass panel without even opening the door. Life’s Good.


High-tech functions do require specialized maintenance though and we’re here to help. It’s the finer details like these that we care about in the home and kitchen appliances we repair. What’s more, our technicians know their components inside out so that the root cause of malfunctions can be quickly identified and fixed. If you need your LG appliance repaired, call us now and we’ll be right on over! At Speedy Appliance Repair, you’ll get a commitment to excellence at fair prices – all within our wide GTA service area coverage.


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