Appliance Repair Ajax

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The early industrial-minded residents of Ajax forged the town by re-purposing its wartime facilities. And for that, Ajax has always had an appreciation for making use of all the resources available on hand. That’s the basis of our business as well. Instead of buying a new appliance when the old one breaks down, why not repair it and maximize its lifespan?

When you call us, you’ll reach a team of expert repair technicians who perform rapid and high-quality repairs. Over the years, they’ve worked with major appliance brands and know all the ins and outs of their components. They stay current with new appliance models and still keep finding new ways to fix older models. Their hands-on experience is what enables them to make quick assessments of appliance issues and the best repair solutions. We also support them by maintaining a fully stocked inventory of common appliance parts, which cuts down the waiting time on orders. What you often end up getting are repair jobs completed on the same day and all at affordable prices.

Our appliance repair Ajax location provides emergency appliance repairs that also cover Pickering and Whitby. At Speedy Appliance Repair, speed is literally in our name. We move fast so you can get your appliance and lifestyle back, ASAP. Call us now and we’ll be right on over!