Appliance Repair Thornhill

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What’s fascinating about Thornhill is that despite all the municipal reorganizations in the last century, it has managed to maintain its distinct identity. That speaks volumes about the tenacity of its residents and the love they have for their home.

We have a similar disposition with our business. We pride ourselves in our strong commitment to excellence and we strive to provide our customers with services as rapid as they are high-quality. It all comes down to our team of expert repair technicians and the investments we’ve made in our inventory system. Our technicians have years of experience behind their backs. They’ve built up their experience over the years by working with both old and new models of the major appliance brands. With their thorough knowledge of all the different home appliances and their components, they can rapidly pinpoint the specific cause of a malfunction. Meanwhile, in the background of their expertise, we’ve got an efficient inventory system of all the common appliance parts so that there’s no down time waiting for orders to show up. And wherever you live between Dufferin Street and Highway 404, we can often finish repairs on the same day.

Our appliance repair Thornhill location provides emergency appliance repairs that also cover North York and Scarborough. At Speedy Appliance Repair, speed is literally in our name. We move fast so you can get your appliance and lifestyle back, ASAP. Call us now and we’ll be right on over!