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Cooktops are a brilliant progression from the traditional stove/oven combination. Separating it into a cooktop and wall oven opens the door to a lot more choices when you’re designing the layout of the kitchen. As a bonus, it fits in very nicely if you’re going for a modern or minimalistic look.

Beyond aesthetics though, you want the cooktop to function just as well as a stove when you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen. When it doesn’t, that’s a problem.

What we pledge to do is to help you fix that problem and prevent it from getting any bigger. When you call us, you’re calling on a team of expert repair technicians who know their cooktops inside out. We’ve dealt with enough cooktops throughout the years that we can tell what’s wrong right away. These are some of the common cooktop issues we’ve encountered:

  • The glass is cracked or broken
  • The cooktop not getting any power
  • Cooktop elements not heating up
  • An error code stopping the cooktop’s functions.


Every brand has its own unique features and we’re proud to say that we’ve worked with all the household names: Bosch, GE, Jenn-Air, Kenmore, KitchenAid, LG, Magic Chef, Miele, Samsung, Thermador, Viking, and Wolf. We strive to use our accumulated experience to its full advantage by providing you a cooktop repair that’s as rapid as it is high-quality. And that goal is achieved by equipping our technicians with the latest tools and technologies to help streamline the different stages of the job. Along the way, we’ll also make sure everything is done with the exceptional customer service that has become our signature.

At Speedy Appliance Repair, speed is literally in our name. We move fast so you can get your appliance and lifestyle back, ASAP. Call us now and we’ll be right on over!

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